I wish to inform all guild members that Outbreak is to merge with Wardens of the Republic guild.

It is a sad day that a guild like Outbreak, with its rich history or achievements and server firsts, has to call it a day.   However, we have to be realistic and look at what is best for the guild members and find ways to ensure that we have the numbers to run the events that many of us enjoy.    And the good news is that we have found a guild that is very similar to outbreak.

Wardens of the Republic are a perfect fit for us.    They are not focused on any one thing.   If you want to PVP, GSF, PVE etc then you can.    They are very successful on Conquest points like we used to be.  They win their planet most weeks and do not fall outside the top 10.    We will continue our 16m Wednesday and Saturday ops and Wardens also have other events you can join in too.   There are plans to run Ancient Threat, Yavin walkers and other things.  These will be more successful with greater player numbers available.

There is also a sister guild on the imp side (which is also typically a top 10 conq pts guild and often winner). It is Untempered Dread.  You will not be required to join that guild with your imp chars but for those that like to have their chars with people they know, this is a nice option to have.    Wardens and Dreadies share the same discord and website and there is a deep co-operation between the two guilds.

We will look to move players over to Wardens over this weekend.    When whispering for guild invites, please state in the whisper that you are an outbreak member.     The Wardens/Dreadies website is https://wardenoftherepublic.enjin.com/    Once you add that site to your enjin account, you then click on "Join us"  (top right button under the header) and make your application.   Please state you are an outbreak member as it will speed up the process.

Their discord is https://discord.gg/adaZD4k

Stellina a A very hard decision to make I am sure